Sustainability Strategy

In the 12th Five Year Plan period, we will meet many economic, environmental and social challenges. We will integrate our sustainability strategy into our business strategy, to respond to the anticipated challenges in the global environment and to meet the changing needs of our customers

The key to the sustainability management model is our business philosophy of “good for the community, good for the country and good for the company”. This philosophy will integrate the different areas of responsibility management, economic, social and environmental practices.

Over the past three years and in the next three to five years, Asia Symbol’s strategic focus of sustainable development management, economic, environmental and social aspects will be as follows:

In sustainable development management, we actively identify and respond to the concerns and needs of our stakeholders, and integrate our stakeholder concerns into our business strategy and sustainability strategy. In the meantime, we will raise the sustainability awareness of our employees, and translate our sustainability philosophy and awareness into action and demonstrate them in our daily work.

In our operations, we focus on efficient production with excellent quality, and the shared value creation for society that brings about a better life for all people. With the production of high quality products and high efficiency in operations, we create value for our customers and meet their needs by supplying them with high quality and competitively-priced products. This enables us to maintain our long term leading position in the market and create shared value for our other stakeholders at the same time.

In the area of the environment, we focus on energy saving, pollution reduction and environment protection, in order to achieve sustainable pulp and paper production. We adhere to the operations policy of efficient production with excellent quality, energy saving, in harmony with environment. We support China’s energy saving and emission reduction policy. With forward looking investment in environment protection, sustainable pulp production, environment friendly paper making and practice of the circular economy concept, we aim to achieve the best pulp and paper environmental standards and become a benchmark in the industry.

In the area of social development, we focus on caring for our employees and actively contribute to community development. We attach great importance to employee welfare, training, development and their health and safety. In community development, we are committed to poverty reduction through education, community engagement and philanthropic activities and disaster relief. We will ensure that our products and services are not harmful to the health of our customers.